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NCSS 2023

8 -10 APRIL 2025


Exhibitor Videos

National Cyber Security Show

Exhibitor Videos

  • OBSERVATORY ASM scans your entire network faster than ever, pinpointing vulnerabilities with unmatched precision.  

  • X-Ray vision

    29 Apr 2024 Wipro

    See inside your entire ecosystem to identify threats and assess vulnerabilities.

  • This is not your data

    29 Apr 2024 Wipro

    Wipro CyberSecurists test and develop applications to safely move to the cloud.

  • Face down threats

    29 Apr 2024 Wipro

    Prioritise prevention. Face down threats. Combat cyber attacks.

  • Implementing comprehensive bot management safeguards your brand reputation, protects user data, and ensures a secure and positive online experience.
  • An Introduction to ACDS

    08 Apr 2024 Joanne Nelson
    The team behind ACDS comprises cybersecurity experts, seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the threat landscape. They saw an opportunity to revolutionise the way organisations approach ...
  • A Guide to Nanitor for MSSPs

    04 Apr 2024 Derek Melber

    Explore Nanitor's MSP/MSSP interface capabilities in this video, showcasing seamless security management solutions for enhanced cyber defense.

  • Dive into Nanitor CTEM's demo with Derek Melber for cutting-edge cybersecurity defense features.

  • Explore how Littlefish implemented world-class IT support and cyber security solutions to a rapidly growing housing association based in Surrey. Helping to reduce costs and incidents, overcome IT tale ...
  • Sterling Pharma Solutions, an innovative and rapidly growing pharmaceutical company, required robust information security in order to meet their ambitiousexpansion goals. The company turned to Littlef ...
  • Due to the nature of DHU Healthcare’s work, which transcends the ‘usual’ 9am–5pm working hours, DHU sought an IT partner that could deliver 24/7 support.  Naturally, it’s essential that staff at DHU h ...
  • Find out how you could benefit from a cloud-native, fully integrated Microsoft SIEM/SOAR solution which offers unparalleled and powerful protection against modern cyber threats. Collect data, detect a ...
  • HPE and Zerto, leaders in data protection can help you build a complete business continuity strategy. 2 minute overview.

  • Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, enables rapid air-gapped recovery through the Cyber Resilience Vault so you can radically reduce data loss and downtime—and without paying any ransoms.

  • Zerto continues to develop enhanced capabilities designed to help you recover from ransomware attacks with ease.

  • Open Systems delivers secure and cloud-native software-defined WAN-as-a-service. In this short video, get a walkthrough of our Customer Portal.

  • Adversarial Simulation Services

    12 Mar 2024 JUMPSEC

    We’re transforming adversarial simulation by extending the limited, short-term scope of conventional consultancy exercises. The team explains what is adversarial simulation and what are the benefits.

  • NEBRC Service and Technology Supervisor Joe Cockcroft shines a spotlight on our Student Services through his personal experience as part of the team.

  • In this episode of ‘Gone Phishing’ NEBRC CEO/Director Rebecca Chapman sits down with Simon Corbett, IT Director at Northumbria University. Simon provides a unique raw account of an attack which had a ...
  • SASE Experience by Open Systems

    14 Feb 2024 Open Systems AG

    Open Systems connects and secures hybrid environments simply and efficiently to deliver a superior SASE Experience that is backed by our Service Experience Promise.

  • Our Story

    01 Oct 2024 The 848 Group
    We are proud to be a chosen key collaborator of Deloitte and other major organisations, supporting them with crucial cyber protection projects.
  • Storytelling, enjoyment and fun are the keys to effective learning for you, your colleagues and your business to influence positive behaviour.

  • Do you want cyber security training rated as 100% awesome by participants at Chanel?

  • Your mission is to stop the hacker from stealing your data before it leaks.

  • "I highly value Xcapism's creativity and capability to engage audiences memorably on difficult content."

  • Learn why risk must become the common language that puts cybersecurity on your roadmap. Learn how to clarify the financial impact caused by an attack using quantitative risk calculations.

  • At DigitalXRAID, we’re committed to ensuring the bad guys don’t win. Our cutting-edge services and cyber awareness training can help you and your team stay one step ahead of the attackers. 

  • AT-RACK DATA DESTRUCTION PROCESS FOR HDDs, SSDs, and other media storage devices.

  • In this talk, we will present five essential requirements to consider when selecting a solution that will play a vital role in your organization’s cyber security strategy.

  • Meet the Head of Cyber Exercises in the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, Carry Kangur, and hear how cyber defenders learn new skills at Locked Shields.

  • Phil Owens, the Stamus Networks vice president of customer solutions, shares practical insights on how practitioners can use their NDR to detect lateral movement in an enterprise.

  • Blue Team Diaries is a video and audio podcast from Stamus Networks that celebrates defenders by giving them a platform to tell their stories. 

  • Phil Owens, the Stamus Networks vice president of customer solutions, shares practical insights into the 12 indications that an enterprise is ready to upgrade its Legacy IDS/IPS.

  • Learn more about Stamus Networks

  • Well now you can be.

  • Watch the on demand webinar to get actionable steps so you can stay a step ahead of cyber criminals and protect your business from attacks.

  • DigitalXRAID is an award-winning managed security services provider dedicated to providing our clients with state-of-the-art cyber security solutions.

  • Hiring For Talent

    24 Feb 2023 National Cyber Crime Unit NCA
    Promotional video about hiring talent from various backgrounds to work in NCCU ((Cyber)
  • The Cyber Hacks: The Current Cyber Security Landscape

    01 Nov 2022 Ian Hirst, Nina Schick
    Gemserv's Ian Hirst (Partner, Cyber Threat) meets with renowned author, advisor and speaker, Nina Schick to discuss cyber threat intelligence and how the current geopolitical landscape is shaping cybe ...
  • Find out: Why Equilibrium exists? What problems do they solve? What are their key services?
  • We often talk to customers about a layered security strategy. But what exactly is ‘Layered Security’ – a term or buzz word that your hear a lot in the world of Cyber Security, but how does it work in ...
  • One of our key recommendations when we're writing penetration testing reports often concerns a patching process and the identification of vulnerabilities. Running ongoing vulnerability scans can be st ...
  • Although there is a crossover between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, they are two very different ways of testing the resilience of your IT infrastructure. The confusion between the tw ...
  • Season 5 of The Inside Man, KnowBe4's award-winning Original Series, is coming soon! Watch the teaser trailer now and keep an eye on the fan site for updates:

  • What if you could take user event data from your existing security stack to deliver real-time coaching to your users on their security mistakes? Now you can with SecurityCoach!

  • KnowBe4 Mobile Learner App

    17 Jan 2023 KnowBe4

    Enables your users to complete their security awareness and compliance training conveniently from their smartphones and tablets, improving user engagement and strengthening your security culture. 

  • Martin Smith MBE FSyI, founder and chairman of supporting association SASIG, introduces the Cyber OSPAs 
  • Gemserv - Corporate Video

    22 Jun 2021 Gemserv Limited
    Gemserv are an expert provider of professional services in a world driven by data and technology. Our purpose is making things that matter work better for everyone.

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