NCSS 2023

25-27 APRIL 2023

Exhibitor Products


Exhibitor Products

  • ORNA

    04 Aug 2021 Martyn Gill

    18.5% of SMBs experienced a damaging cyberattack in 2020. Moreover, one-in-three of data breaches globally involved an SMB. This is no coincidence, as such businesses carry an explosive combination of highly sensitive assets, and a lack of tools, expertise and budgets. As a result, a typical post- cyberattack loss for an average SMB is between £1.4M and £5M (at minimum, £1M in our experience), and many go out of business shortly after, or face huge insurance premiums.

  • At TecSec, we pride ourselves on using the most recent & advanced technologies to help prevent and protect our clients from harm.  We offer a wide range of Cyber Services, which include: Vulnerability ...
  • TecSec offer tailored IT support packages to meet your businesses requirements and budget. These packages include: Remote Only IT support Fully Managed IT support AdHoc IT Support Assisted IT Support
  • FREE Vulnerability Assessment

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Our Industry-leading (Internet facing) vulnerability scan finds any weaknesses in your security perimeter before attackers do. You will receive a report and advice on next steps quickly and at no cost. There is nothing to download, install or configure – simply fill out this form and we will be in touch

  • Bespoke Solutions

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Cyberfit works as an extension of your team for year-round peace of mind. 

    If you have tools in place

    our experts can advise on how to make your existing cybersecurity more effective.

    If you need to put cybersecurity in place

    we can help you to invest in digital security that’s the right fit for your business needs and budget.

    Virtual CISO

    Virtual DPO

    Security Architecture


  • Be Ahead

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Suitable for businesses with an expanding workforce, multiple sites, legacy systems or more complex needs. The package monitors the three most common entry points for attackers Email, Website and Endpoint (device).

  • Be Assured

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Perfect for growing businesses that are becoming more complex and are looking for assurance that their systems are secure and protected. These companies are handling increasing amounts of customer data and their workforce is accessing that data from multiple locations and devices.

  • Be Safe

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Ideal for companies who are just getting serious about security and need a simple affordable service that identifies where attackers can get into your systems, protect your website and get advice, guidance and support from our team of experts.

  • Be Aware+

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Stay alert all year round with Be Aware+ and we will do vulnerability scanning and dark web monitoring every month for you helping you stay ahead of attackers. You will also get 30 mins a month of phone support from a member of our technical team. 

  • Be Aware

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    There is no better place to start your journey to becoming digitally secure than with our ‘Be Aware’ package designed specifically for smaller businesses, start-ups and those taking their first steps into understanding cybersecurity and what it means for their company.

  • Redflags

    23 Jun 2021 Tim Ward

    Redflags real-time security awareness


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