NCSS 2022

5-7 APRIL 2022

Exhibitor Products


Exhibitor Products

  • Microsoft 365 Security Hardening

    02 Sep 2021 3B Data Security Team

    3B Data Security have observed increasing amount of Microsoft 365 security attacks and the risks are increasing.

    Many organisations using Microsoft 365 give little consideration and have minimal knowledge of the security features and hardening configurations available.

  • PCI DSS Compliance

    02 Sep 2021 3B Data Security Team

    All merchants transacting with cardholders are required to be compliant with PCI DSS. We can help with this. However, beyond just compliance we ensure that our clients are also secure. Our team brings both current practitioner experience of PCI DSS compliance and systems implementation, management and delivery experience enabling us to understand the practical aspects of the PCI DSS requirements in an operational environment. 

  • Incident Response & Retainers

    02 Sep 2021 3B Data Security Team

    3B Data Security staff collectively have decades of dealing with Cyber Incidents since 2007. Staff members have been certified under the CREST Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) scheme and hold the CREST Certified Incident Manager (CCIM) accreditation. In addition, they have also been certified as Core PCI Forensic Investigators (PFI) and Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) by the PCI Security Standards Council.

  • Penetration Testing

    02 Sep 2021 3B Data Security Team

    Our expert Penetration Testing team - informed by years of experience and work on incident response - can tailor testing programmes to suit your needs. Covering web applications, infrastructure and API testing, as well as Red Team attack simulations.

  • Cyber Essentials

    02 Sep 2021 3B Data Security Team

    Our team will support you before, during and after you seek certification to Cyber Essentials, and can combine CE Certification with other services necessary to imporove your security.

  • Improve your security posture and quickly demonstrate compliance with a lightweight, ready-to-use, and affordable security information and event management solution.

  • Manage and audit access rights across your IT infrastructure with SolarWinds Access Rights Manager

  • Phishing Security Assessment

    16 Aug 2021 Lewis Fairburn

    Let Pentest People perform an email phishing campaign in either a broad scale or targeted based attack.


  • IT Health Check

    16 Aug 2021 Lewis Fairburn

    Pentest People are a CHECK accredited organisation and can scope and perform your IT Health Check (ITHC) for access to the Public Services Network (PSN).


  • Social Engineering

    16 Aug 2021 Lewis Fairburn

    Let Pentest People research, develop and manage a Social Engineering assessment of the security of your people and processes utilising the latest techniques.


  • Mobile Application Testing

    16 Aug 2021 Lewis Fairburn

    Let Pentest People perform a thorough test on your mobile applications, for both IOS & Android operating systems.


  • Dark Web Monitoring

    16 Aug 2021 Lewis Fairburn

    Protect your organisation from external threats by continuously monitoring where your assets are exposed both on the regular and Dark Web.


  • Red Team Assessment

    16 Aug 2021 Lewis Fairburn

    Understanding Your Weaknesses and Threats With a Pentest People Red Team Engagement


  • Ransomware Defence Assessment

    16 Aug 2021 Lewis Fairburn

    Let Pentest People assess your businesses Ransomware defences through a 3 part extensive assessment.


  • Infrastructure Testing

    16 Aug 2021 Lewis Fairburn

    Let Pentest People measure your security posture through Infrastructure Penetration Testing to allow you to manage the identified issues.


  • Web Application Testing

    16 Aug 2021 Lewis Fairburn

    Let Pentest People assess your critical Web Applications for Security Vulnerabilities with a Web Application Penetration Test.


  • Partner Resource Support

    09 Aug 2021 The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands
    This service provides student expertise in support of our partners with whom we are engaged under the terms of an MoU. Student’s will be provided to our Partners based on the technical skills requirem ...
  • Cyber Business Continuity Review

    09 Aug 2021 The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands
    This service offers a review of your business continuity planning and the resilience of your organisation to cyber-attacks such as ransomware or when attackers take control of your core systems. We us ...
  • Security Policy Review

    09 Aug 2021 The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands
    This service offers a review of your current security policy, how it is written and how it is implemented. We use key elements of the international information security management systems standard, ‘I ...
  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

    09 Aug 2021 The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands
    This service assesses your website and web services for weaknesses. Based on best practice industry standards we will assess the top 10 security risks to websites and attempt to identity vulnerabiliti ...
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment

    09 Aug 2021 The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands
    This service requires access to your internal network and systems in order to simulate someone who has gained access from the internet or an insider threat from an employee.  The service will scan and ...
  • Remote Vulnerability Assessment

    09 Aug 2021 The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands
    If your organisation is connected to the internet, this service will remotely review that connection in the same way as an attacker would perform reconnaissance, looking for potential weaknesses. The ...
  • Individual Internet Discovery

    09 Aug 2021 The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands
    This service provides a comprehensive review of an individual's on-line presence, associations and what personal or private information is available publicly. Social media, news posts, on-line forums ...
  • Corporate Internet Discovery

    09 Aug 2021 The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands
    This service is focussed on providing a comprehensive review of publicly available information about an organisation. This service may be used to learn what is being said on the internet about an orga ...
  • Security Awareness Training

    09 Aug 2021 The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands
    Your people can be your biggest asset and with security awareness training they can become highly effective barriers to cyber-crime. Security awareness training provides simple and effective knowledge ...
  • QA’s Cyber Practice offers learners an unrivalled depth of cyber expertise and programme choice. We offer more cyber programmes than any other UK training provider, delivered by accredited industry experts with real-world, practitioner experience.

  • SKALES a personal interactive guardian for staff in their fight against phishing. Supported by research in human psychology, SKALES empowers staff and breaks down the barriers between employees and the security department. Features such as gamification incentivise employees to be part of the security awareness program, whilst user behaviour metrics are fed into security awareness teams - supporting a positive security culture and reducing risk.

  • A Build Configuration Security Review provides system administrators with a comprehensive overview of the security of their assets, whereby the local policies and settings of a device are examined to ...
  • Firewalls are designed to be the first line of defence against cyber attacks, making them a fundamental security system that all organisations should be reviewing on a regular basis. Upon initial inst ...
  • Secarma’s Cloud Configuration Security Review tests the configuration of the chosen cloud providers management interfaces for security misconfigurations. This should be considered a critical requireme ...
  • Modern organisations face a range of cybersecurity risks and whilst every effort may be made to prevent a breach, if one does occur an organisation must be prepared to respond to that breach quickly a ...
  • We teach your staff why and how cyber-criminals may target your organisation, and arm them with the skills to protect your business. You may have invested in the latest technology to keep your systems ...
  • We believe that all businesses, regardless of size should be given the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of the risks they face. Our Cyber Security Maturity Assessment is an evaluation y ...
  • Developing and maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture can be challenging for organisations who don't have a full time Security Manager in-house. That's why we've developed our Virtual Information ...
  • Our Hacking & Defending Networks training course is designed to upskill your systems administrators by teaching them the tools and techniques we use when targeting network infrastructure; from zero ac ...
  • Our Hacking & Defending Web Apps training course is designed to upskill your web developers by taking them step by step through a web application pentest. This provides them with the hacker's point-of ...
  • Our core services are focused around in-depth manual penetration testing, but robust security also requires 24/7 Vulnerability Scanning. We partner with environment vulnerability scanning experts AppC ...
  • Wireless networks are a potential weak point in the corporate perimeter, and an enticing entry point for cybercriminals. If an attacker can gain access to one of your wireless networks (which may incl ...
  • The Counter Fraud Fundamentals scheme was developed by IASME in partnership with the Open Banking Implementation Entity. Organisations of all sizes can prove that they have the fundamental counter fra ...
  • IASME have developed the IoT Security Assured scheme to provide an essential opportunity for manufacturers to improve the security of their internet-connected devices and to show they are compliant wi ...
  • The IASME Governance standard was developed over several years during a government funded project to create a cyber security standard which would be an affordable and achievable alternative to the int ...
  • Cyber Essentials is a simple but effective, government approved scheme. Businesses implement just five technical controls which have been proven to help defend them against most common cyber attacks / ...
  • Just as bespoke web apps can create paths in for threat actors, so can mobile applications. Our Mobile App Security Testing service finds vulnerabilities, exploits them, and is followed up with recomm ...
  • Need to know the security weaknesses in your Internet-facing IT systems? If your networks and servers (email servers, routers, or web servers that host e-commerce websites) need testing, book an Infra ...
  • Looking to test the security of your organisation's web apps? We offer a wide range of Web Application Penetration Tests; from simple security reviews of your CMS, to deep-dive assessments of bespoke ...
  • ORNA

    04 Aug 2021 Martyn Gill

    18.5% of SMBs experienced a damaging cyberattack in 2020. Moreover, one-in-three of data breaches globally involved an SMB. This is no coincidence, as such businesses carry an explosive combination of highly sensitive assets, and a lack of tools, expertise and budgets. As a result, a typical post- cyberattack loss for an average SMB is between £1.4M and £5M (at minimum, £1M in our experience), and many go out of business shortly after, or face huge insurance premiums.

  • Phishing Awareness Programme

    02 Aug 2021 Amelia Frizzell
    Did you know that over 90% of cyber breaches are a result of users introducing the attack onto their computer? Unfortunately, human error is still a driving force behind a huge majority of data breach ...
  • Equilibrium are a Certification Body for The IASME Consortium, the Cyber Essentials Partner to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). As one of the few assessors in the Birmingham area, we can off ...
  • CREST Penetration Testing

    02 Aug 2021 Amelia Frizzell
    Here at Equilibrium, we are CREST accredited and OSCP certified penetration testing experts. The OSCP and CREST certifications are proven Cyber Security frameworks, which demonstrate that we have up t ...
  • certOS™ by CyberSmart. It is designed and built for Certification Bodies issuing Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Governance. Our technology can also be adapted to other cybersecurity ...
  • At TecSec, we pride ourselves on using the most recent & advanced technologies to help prevent and protect our clients from harm.  We offer a wide range of Cyber Services, which include: Vulnerability ...
  • Cyber Essentials Plus is the older, slightly more involved sibling of the standard certification. It has the same requirements as Cyber Essentials (you must have all five security controls in place) b ...
  • Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification scheme that covers the essential actions every business should take to ensure its digital security and protection from cyberattacks. Think of it a ...
  • CyberSmart safeguards all your business’s devices 24/7. It checks for the most up-to-date applications, operating systems, firewalls, security measures and compliance with Cyber Essentials – protectin ...
  • Active Protect scans your devices every 15 mins, checking all installed software against the National Vulnerability Database. If a device fails a security check, you’ll be notified via the CyberSmart ...
  • TecSec offer tailored IT support packages to meet your businesses requirements and budget. These packages include: Remote Only IT support Fully Managed IT support AdHoc IT Support Assisted IT Support
  • At e2e, we believe that passionate and diverse people are key to creating and evolving a world-class security operation.

    That is why our Security Operations Centre (SOC)-as-a-Service is centred on great people and processes, supported by our own technology.  We don't believe in silver bullets and work with customers to improve their cyber maturity to get the best ROI and to reduce TCO throughout the contract.

  • Gemserv can provide full outsourced data protection officer services (oDPO) or support in-house management through the virtual data protection service offering (vDPO). 

  • Every business faces IT security challenges. The biggest of these for startup and scaleup companies is often putting information security leadership and oversight into place cost-effectively. 

  • Having the right controls in place to comply with PCI DSS can help organisations save significant time and resources in complying with other requirements. 

  • ISO 27001, 27701, 9001, 22301

    26 Jul 2021 Gemserv

    The ISO standards provides a framework for organisations to better protect information and take clear, informed and cost-effective decisions on security controls and risk mitigation.

  • Our premier level cyber security service

    Operating from CyberGuard’s Security Operations Centre, our highly skilled team of security experts will monitor your IT footprint, detecting and investigating threats. Our Managed SIEM service is our premier level cyber security package!.

  • Companies in the 21st century now have to be proactive in their approach to cyber security and businesses are no longer comfortable with being ‘sitting ducks’ when it comes to cyber-crime. With organisations keen to adhere to cyber security regulations there is no place better to start your cyber security journey than by getting your Cyber Essentials accreditation or upgrade to Cyber Essentials Plus.

  • It may be uncomfortable to read, but your staff really are the biggest threat to your business’ information systems and cyber security. A recent cyber risk survey produced by the London Financial Times, found that 58% of cyber-attacks are attributed to employee behaviour. 

  • Outsourcing your security to our team of cyber security experts, who will proactively monitor your infrastructure, will free up your valuable time allowing you to concentrate on your business, safe in the knowledge you are being protected. 

  • Using the industry’s most-widely deployed vulnerability-scanning technology and the same process a hacker would use to compromise your IT systems, our highly accredited cyber team can offer two types of ethical assessments to pinpoint security weaknesses within your IT infrastructure: vulnerability testing and penetration testing. 

  • Securing your systems, workforce and operations Cyber attacks cost many thousands of pounds in lost revenues, disruption, repairs and recovery – not to mention that a breach could also lead to hefty f ...
  • Unifying the NOC and the SOC Whereas a Security Operations Centre (SOC) focuses on threat detection, security and the integrity of data, the key objective of a Network Operations Centre (NOC) is to en ...
  • Managed SOC (Security Operations Centre)

    26 Jul 2021 George Eastman

    Our Managed SOC service combines our most popular managed services into a single package to provide comprehensive cyber security coverage at a very attractive price.

  • Managed CaaS (Compliance as a Service)

    26 Jul 2021 George Eastman
    Our CaaS team will help you meet compliance for a wide range of regulatory and security standards. We can provide the roles of Data Protection Officer, virtual CISO, Risk Manager and System Manager an ...
  • Our team of experienced cybersecurity SOC analysts provide a 24x7 service that will monitor and analyse all of your organisation's important IT, OT and IoT log data for malicious activity.
  • Managed Vulnerabilities

    26 Jul 2021 George Eastman
    Using AI-driven PCI/DSS compliant technology, our vulnerability management team regularly scans and monitors your entire environment for potential security weaknesses that could be exploited.  
  • We offer world class 24x7 endpoint protection that proactively adapts and searches for security threats in your organisation.
  • Protecting the areas of your business that you can’t see, iSTORM® is a CREST penetration testing provider. Find out more about how we can help your organisation understand the threats you face.


  • At iSTORM®, our audit and assurance solutions are tailored to your business. We can help you to understand what processing is being carried out and what personal data is involved.

  • Server Solutions

    Red Circles
    Although a lot of small and medium business are transitioning to cloud servers Red Circles can supply a tradtional server environment. Whether its physical or virtual we have the expertise to deploy, ...
  • Hardware & Software

    Red Circles
    Hardware and software solutions need reviewing regularly. Technology changes quickly. Keep ahead of the competition with the latest products and services. Speak to us about your workstations, servers, ...
  • FREE Vulnerability Assessment

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Our Industry-leading (Internet facing) vulnerability scan finds any weaknesses in your security perimeter before attackers do. You will receive a report and advice on next steps quickly and at no cost. There is nothing to download, install or configure – simply fill out this form and we will be in touch

  • Bespoke Solutions

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Cyberfit works as an extension of your team for year-round peace of mind. 

    If you have tools in place

    our experts can advise on how to make your existing cybersecurity more effective.

    If you need to put cybersecurity in place

    we can help you to invest in digital security that’s the right fit for your business needs and budget.

    Virtual CISO

    Virtual DPO

    Security Architecture


  • Be Ahead

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Suitable for businesses with an expanding workforce, multiple sites, legacy systems or more complex needs. The package monitors the three most common entry points for attackers Email, Website and Endpoint (device).

  • Be Assured

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Perfect for growing businesses that are becoming more complex and are looking for assurance that their systems are secure and protected. These companies are handling increasing amounts of customer data and their workforce is accessing that data from multiple locations and devices.

  • Be Safe

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Ideal for companies who are just getting serious about security and need a simple affordable service that identifies where attackers can get into your systems, protect your website and get advice, guidance and support from our team of experts.

  • Be Aware+

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    Stay alert all year round with Be Aware+ and we will do vulnerability scanning and dark web monitoring every month for you helping you stay ahead of attackers. You will also get 30 mins a month of phone support from a member of our technical team. 

  • Be Aware

    15 Jul 2021 Beth Haskell

    There is no better place to start your journey to becoming digitally secure than with our ‘Be Aware’ package designed specifically for smaller businesses, start-ups and those taking their first steps into understanding cybersecurity and what it means for their company.

  • Consulting

    Red Circles
    If you don't know, why don't you ask the team that do. We have the qualified expertise to audit, recommend and implement technology solutions. Whether its cyber security, managed services, network inf ...
  • Is your company’s IT system vulnerable to attacks? Proactively identify vulnerable systems and devices that may be exploitable by cybercriminals. Evaluate your defensive security posture using industr ...
  • Secure your networks by segmenting your networks and functions using VLAN’s and routing. The greatest threat of network infrastructure security is from hackers and malicious applications that attack a ...
  • Business Continuity

    Red Circles
    When your data goes missing, the clock starts ticking and every second counts. Avoid downtime and recover lost data in minutes, not days. Red Circles offers a fully managed business continuity solutio ...
  • Protect your business infrastructure with managed security solutions. Information security services span your endpoints, business continuity, SaaS, network monitoring and analysis. With the ever-evolv ...
  • iSTORM’s specialist information security team works with you to support your organisation’s current and future security needs. Delivering the right frameworks for your organisation and budget. 

  • Cyber Essentials

    05 Jul 2021 Sam Bramfitt

    Protect your organisation from 80% of cyber attacks – get certified now with the Cyber Essentials scheme

  • Cloud Security

    05 Jul 2021 Sam Bramfitt

    The cloud is a dynamic convenience in a global, portable society where remote access is in demand. Whilst the cloud infrastructure and security perimeter differs from a traditional static and private network, the variables in accessing data and applications are far greater thus posing new threat vectors.

  • Secure DevOps

    05 Jul 2021 Sam Bramfitt

    Efficient DevSecOps embeds automated security methodologies at the inception of an application to make it more robust and reliable. This built-in security function ensures that the best practice of discovery, remedy and prevention is an ongoing circular process for security posture.

  • Infrastructure Security

    05 Jul 2021 Sam Bramfitt

    Threat actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated and the consequences of unauthorised access or malicious attack more disruptive. If a crucial part of an organisation’s infrastructure is compromised it could halt operations, freeze assets and exploit customer and company data.

  • Application Security

    05 Jul 2021 Sam Bramfitt

    Application security is a set of skills and tools to make your application more secure by finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities – before the attackers can exploit them.

  • Companies of all sizes are increasingly moving away from on-premise solutions to take advantage of cloud services supplied by Microsoft, Google and Amazon to rapidly scale infrastructure and make savi ...
  • Redflags

    23 Jun 2021 Tim Ward

    Redflags real-time security awareness


  • Cyber Essentials is a simple but effective, Government backed scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a whole range of the most common cyber-attacks. Cyber-a ...
  • R-Secure is our range of cyber security tools which are available from Red Circles. Protect your business infrastructure with managed security solutions. Security services span your endpoints, busines ...