NCSS 2023

25-27 APRIL 2023

The Complete Cyber Security Webinar Series



Help – someone has stolen my social media! They now want £500 to give it back!

06 Jul 2021
The Complete Cyber Security Webinar Series

This webinar will help equip you and your business with the knowledge and processes you need to protect against social media and general ransomware attacks. Social Media Ransomware Attacks are the latest trend in cyber attacks on SME's! These attacks are costing UK businesses a staggering £346 million a year. Every 11 seconds a UK business falls victim to a ransomware attack. 71% of ransomware attacks are aimed at SMEs because hackers are well aware that smaller organisations often aren't as prepared or protected.


Simon Newman, Head of Cyber and Business Services - Police Digital Security Centre, Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (PDSC / PCPI)
Alison Hurst, Director - The West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre (WMCRC)
Angela McLaren, Commissioner - City of London Police

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