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NCSS 2023

8 -10 APRIL 2025



National Cyber Security Show

Yemurai Rabvukwa

Yemurai Rabvukwa

Cyber Security Engineer, SB Content Ltd

Yemurai is a dynamic force at the intersection of Chemistry and Cyber Security, she stands as a trailblazer in navigating unconventional career paths. Armed with a First-Class Chemistry degree, she has emerged as a Cyber Security Specialist within the Financial Services. Yemurai's captivating keynote speech, 'Embrace the Opportunities of a Non-Linear Career Path,' invites her audience to embrace the unpredictability and excitement of non-linear career paths, akin to her personal experience of navigating the twists and turns of her unconventional and exhilarating journey—from a Chemistry graduate to the forefront of analysing cyber threats within the Financial Services. Describing her career as "squiggly,"

Yemurai emphasizes the importance of embracing both opportunities and challenges inherent in navigating non-linear career paths. Her narrative serves as a testament to the transformative power of resilience, adaptability, and an open mind. Beyond recounting her personal journey, Yemurai seeks to inspire students/career switchers/ and experienced professionals by in stilling confidence in those uncertain about their career trajectory, urging them to explore diverse paths even amidst uncertainty.

Yemurai is also the content creator behind the social media account STEM Babe on TikTok. Her brand STEM Babe aims to provide resources for people to get into the field of STEM/Tech and help share tips, advice, and resources for people to succeed in their career journeys, regardless of what career stage they are in. With over 55,000 followers across the brands various social media platforms, STEM Babe has shared opportunities for people across the world to kick-start their careers within the corporate world. Some of these opportunities include but are not limited to apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, coding boot camps, scholarships, certifications, training programmes and entry-level roles.

Yemurai's impact goes beyond her professional journey; she is a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the dynamic landscape of career exploration and transition. Her commitment to empowering individuals to embrace opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve their full potential has left an indelible mark on the STEM and corporate communities alike. Whether through her captivating keynote speeches or the influential STEM Babe brand, Yemurai continues to shape and inspire the next generation of professionals on their unique career paths, equip professionals with the tools they need to successfully pivot within their careers and break through the barriers that stand in their way.

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