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NCSS 2023

30 APRIL - 2 MAY 2024


National Cyber Security Show

16 Mar 2023

Safeguarding your Active Directory: 5 best practices to bolster your cyber resilience

Quest Software Stand: 4/L36

Active Directory attacks have been on the rise over the past few years, prompting more organisations to rethink their cybersecurity strategies and place more importance on AD protection. Protecting Active Directory is vital for one simple reason - Active Directory is an essential tool for providing authentication and authorisation services that helps IT ecosystems run smoothly. As Microsoft Office 365 adoption continues to grow, so does the complexity of securing AD. According to Frost & Sullivan, approximately 90% of the Global Fortune 1000 companies use Active Directory as a primary method to provide seamless authentication and authorisation. With so many users across the world, AD remains one of the top targets for cyberattacks.

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