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NCSS 2023

8 -10 APRIL 2025



National Cyber Security Show

10 Apr 2024

The future of cyber starts here

Cyber Innovation Hub Stand: 5/M27
Cyber Innovation Hub

'UK cyber skills gap risk to businesses and national security'….As highlighted in this article by TechRadar Pro, in 2024, organisations must address the cyber skillsgap and the issues that arise from it.



“There is no one fix to this, addressing the cyber skills gap requires a concise, multifaceted approach. Businesses must actively focus on shrinking the skills gap and one way of doing this is through the upskilling and reskilling of existing ybersecurity staff. Creating a continuous learning culture will support this goal, staff are then encouraged to constantly learn about new and emerging cybersecurity trends and technologies.

Businesses should also be rolling out tailored training programmes to support the upskilling of employees, which cater to the knowledge gap. These programs can cover a wide range of cybersecurity aspects, from basic training for all employees in how to spot phishing campaigns to specialised training for IT and security teams on the latest AI-powered security technology… Investing in employee development not only closes the skills gap but also strengthens the overall security posture of the organisation...”


So, what do we offer?

Upskill in Cyber: Looking for hands-on cyber courses? We have courses tailored to your career stage 

Build your Cyber Startup: Turn your groundbreaking cyber ideas into successful ventures in just 12 months 

Test and Secure: Validate your cyber systems at our cutting-edge cybersecurity laboratories

Find out more at 

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