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National Cyber Security Show

22 Apr 2024

Advanced Cyber Defence Systems (ACDS) Launches Revolutionary OBSERVATORY Solution: Redefining Attack Surface Management

Advanced Cyber Defence Systems Stand: 5/P46
OBSERVATORY: Redefining Attack Surface Management

Advanced Cyber Defence Systems (ACDS) has today unveiled its groundbreaking Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution: OBSERVATORY. Engineered with a comprehensive three-pronged approach—Discovery, Validation, and Insight—OBSERVATORY offers an unparalleled level of network security.

In an era where internet-facing assets proliferate rapidly, organisations face mounting challenges in identifying and mitigating risks as they happen, before they can be exploited. Recent surveys indicate that 69% of organisations have fallen victim to cyber attacks originating from unknown or unmanaged internet-facing assets. Recognising this urgent need, ACDS has developed OBSERVATORY to provide security teams with internet-scale comprehensive and contextualised threat data at lightning speed.

Unlike conventional vulnerability scanning methods, OBSERVATORY employs proprietary algorithms to map an organisation's entire vulnerability landscape. By continuously scanning billions of IP and port combinations across the web, OBSERVATORY identifies connectivity between assets with unmatched precision and a best-in-class low false positive ratio. Furthermore, it enhances Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) discovery by flagging CVEs listed on the CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) list, prioritising vulnerabilities actively exploited by cybercriminals.

Discovery: OBSERVATORY’s unique full internet scale scanning tool continuously observes billions of IP and port combinations from across the web. The tool finds the connectivity between different assets with unparalleled accuracy and pulls out the most relevant vulnerabilities and threats that face any given organisation, streamlining and simplifying the process of threat prioritisation and remediation.

Validation: When it comes to threats, mere discovery alone is not enough. Alongside its robust discovery capabilities, OBSERVATORY swiftly validates and identifies threats using a unique combination of private and open-source intelligence tools and data. This ensures organisations can uncover vulnerabilities in assets they weren't aware of or hadn't patched correctly.

Insights: OBSERVATORY doesn't stop at discovery and validation; it empowers IT leaders with actionable insights to remediate pressing vulnerabilities efficiently. ACDS provides clear recommendations presented in accessible language, accompanied by contextual information, enabling organisations to mitigate significant business risks effectively and fast.

ACDS recently secured a pivotal partnership with a leading global financial services provider. ACDS was selected as their cybersecurity vendor based on its unmatched prowess in uncovering previously undisclosed assets and its agility in adapting to evolving market needs.

Elliott Wilkes, CTO at Advanced Cyber Defence Systems, says: "We're thrilled about OBSERVATORY's potential to revolutionise attack surface management. The industry has long been stuck with traditional approaches, struggling to modernise to meet the needs of cloud and hybrid environments. We've started fresh, building a solution that matches the complexity and speed of today's cybersecurity challenges, with engineering that is built for internet-scale security problems. Our commitment is to uncover hidden vulnerabilities and adapt swiftly to evolving threats.”

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