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NCSS 2023

30 APRIL - 2 MAY 2024

National Cyber Security Show Agenda 2023

National Cyber Security Show


Innovation through collaboration

27 Apr 2023
Cyber Security Conference
Cyber Security Conference
Individually, we’re strong but together we’re stronger. While a startup has exciting new ideas, government and industry possess insights and resources.
So, what happens when you throw them together and blend up their respective expertise?
This session will provide the audience with lessons from Dave’s experience of building collaborative ecosystems, which has required strategically closing the gap between startups, government and industry.
Expect to understand: 
•    How private and public innovation has reinforced national security and economic impact, with commitments from the likes of the National Cyber Security Centre and the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
•     Why global tech companies such as Amazon Web Services are looking to SMEs for solutions in areas such as healthcare and defence
•    Where the value lies in startups across industries, like cyber, sharing a mission with large organisations to test solutions together 
Dave Rowley, Director of Growth - Plexal
Daniel Patefield, Head of Programme, Cyber and National Security - TechUK
Marc Barry, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer - Enclave

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