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NCSS 2023

30 APRIL - 2 MAY 2024

National Cyber Security Show Agenda 2023

National Cyber Security Show


Friend or Foe? Using the NuVISION Gamma Imager to Determine and Localise Potential Radioactive Threats

25 Apr 2023
Cyber Security Conference
Cyber Security Conference
  • The threat of a dirty bomb is real - how can it be detected from a distance in a crowd to avoid the worst?
  • NuVISION Gamma Imager is the only solution on the market which can locate and identify a radiological hazard at a distance and in full movement.
  • High radiation measurements could be due to an individual undergoing medical treatment – how do you differentiate between such people and those who have more illicit motives?
  • The session will demonstrate how the NuVISION technology locates and identify radioactive substances, at a distance, whether inside vehicles, being carried by a person or within a package – determining between naturally occurring radioactive material, medical isotopes and illicit radioactive substances.
Adrian Davis-Johnston, Head of Research and Development - Nuvia UK

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