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NCSS 2023

8 -10 APRIL 2025


National Cyber Security Show 2024 Agenda

National Cyber Security Show


The Rise Of MOVEit-Style Third-Party Hacks: A Matter Of When, Not If.

01 May 2024
Cyber Leaders Summit
Cyber Security Leaders Summit
Tom Egglestone, using data from Resilience’s October 2023 claims report, would discuss the finding that third-party attacks were the biggest cause of claims in Q2 2023, going ahead of phishing for the first time following the MOVEit breach. This allows malicious actors to scale their attacks and impact more companies – a return to ‘big-game hunting’ tactics that prioritise bigger targets for maximum impact. Tom will highlight how to properly manage third-party vendor risk in today’s evolving threat landscape, and how this continues to shape cybersecurity trends in 2024.
Tom Egglestone, Global Head of Claims

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