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NCSS 2023

8 -10 APRIL 2025


National Cyber Security Show 2024 Agenda

National Cyber Security Show


Get the gist of NIST CSF 2.0

30 Apr 2024
Cyber Leaders Summit
Cyber Security Leaders Summit
A lot has changed in the technology and business landscape since the first NIST Cybersecurity Framework was introduced, for the NIST CSF 2.0, these changes have been incorporated into the language so that cybersecurity challenges in the context of the current world of business are taken into account. A whole new function, Govern, is also a strong sign of ushering more maturity for the cybersecurity function as it moves from the realm of the reactive and even the proactive to becoming continuous operations that are part of every business. While there are still areas that would be valuable to be highlighted even more from this framework, it’s solid ground to establish one’s cybersecurity operations on top of and a valuable mirror, to be honest about an organization’s cybersecurity posture.
Christine Bejerasco, CISO - WithSecure

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