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NCSS 2023

8 -10 APRIL 2025


National Cyber Security Show 2024 Agenda

National Cyber Security Show


Empowering SMEs: Secure by design for a resilient future. Unveiling the social and economic impact

01 May 2024
Cyber Leaders Summit
Cyber Security Leaders Summit
The presentation will explore the vital principles of integrating security into the fundamental structure of SMEs. Embracing a 'Secure by Design' approach, attendees will gain insights into tangible examples of improved cybersecurity measures and a deeper comprehension of the consequential impacts on social and economic dimensions. The emphasis will be on equipping SMEs with the tools to fortify their resilience against evolving threats, including those posed by AI, and understanding how these efforts contribute to the overall societal and economic welfare.
Ismini Vasileiou, Associate Professor/Director - De Montfort University/ East Midlands Cyber Security Cluster

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