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NCSS 2023

8 -10 APRIL 2025


National Cyber Security Show 2024 Agenda

National Cyber Security Show


Attackers have evolved, have your defenders? 

01 May 2024
Cyber Leaders Summit
Cyber Security Leaders Summit

In a rapidly advancing landscape of cyber and physical security, the presentation explores the evolution of attackers and raises a critical question: Have our defenders adapted accordingly? Delving into the intricacies of modern threats, the talk aims to dissect the dynamic nature of attacks, emphasising the urgency for organisations to relook at their security measures. Through a comparative analysis of evolving attack methodologies and defence strategies, the presentation navigates the complex intersection of cyber and physical security, offering insights to empower defenders in the face of increasingly sophisticated threats.

• During this presentation Katie will look at the intricacies of modern threats.

• Katie will explore the practical challenges organisations face when it comes to security.

• Katie will share actionable advice on adapting and strengthening your defence strategies to protect yourself and your organisation.

Katie Barnett, Director of Cyber Security - Toro Solutions

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