NCSS 2023

25-27 APRIL 2023

Founding Partners


Cyberfit Security

Founding Partner

Cyberfit Security Ltd are on a mission to help companies of every size to become more digitally secure. Using their experiences and expertise from working with large organisations, Cyberfit has responded to a growing need for jargon-free and affordable cybersecurity services by introducing packages perfect for both small and medium-sized businesses.

“We immediately wanted to be involved as a founding partner for this event because it is refreshingly different and makes cyber security far more approachable, which is exactly what SMEs need right now. We rely so heavily on technology, whether for personal or for business use, we have inadvertently made cyber security essential, it can't be just for techies anymore. It has to be for everyone and we have to be able to talk so that everyone understands the risks regardless of their starting point. SMEs will remain the most heavily targeted by cyber attacks if we don't do more to make cyber security a language that everyone speaks fluently. This event and others like it are crucial for this transformation.”

Kristianne Gray, Marketing Communications

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