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16 Jun 2021

Imposter syndrome in cyber security & interview tips | Kevin Robertson (The Ardonagh Group)

Trident Search Stand: 3/C12

Subscribe for more cyber security interviews! This week Charlee speaks to Kevin Robertson (Head of Cyber Defence & Operations at The Ardonagh Group) about his career path in cyber security, the interview process and reframing how we think about imposter syndrome. Kevin is Head of Cyber Defence & Operations at The Ardonagh Group. In charge of security architecture & design, incident response, day-to-day security and security improvement programmes of work. Prior to this: In the RAF for 8 years~ 2009 - 2017. Was an IT Technician with a special focus on network engineering predominately. Towards the latter stages, started being more focused on security tooling such as firewalls and IPS/IDS. Post-RAF, contracted for around 12 months for HP Enterprise, who then became DXC Technology as part of a merger. Was a security/firewall engineer there, in charge of day-to-day operations etc. After this, joined Cisco as a Network Security Consultant in the UK. Spent 18 months in this role, supporting a number of FTSE100 customers including large financial services organisations, government, & and large enterprise customers. Then was headhunted internally for a role in Qatar as part of Cisco with a primary focus on improving the overall security posture country-wide in preparation for the upcoming World Cup in 2022. Spent 18 months there supporting most of CNI + FS organisations again.

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