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NCSS 2023

30 APRIL - 2 MAY 2024

Exhibitor Products

National Cyber Security Show

04 Mar 2024

AT-RACK Mobile Data Shredder (MDS)

AT-RACK Stand: 5/M39

Users may safely see the shredding of SSDs, flash drives, discs, or phones live as they go through the destruction process thanks to its clear polycarbonate dome cover designed with reinforced glass.

The Mobile Data Shredder (MDS) is the most effective and user-friendly shredder Verity Systems has created to date, illuminated by the newest LED lighting technology. Users can access all of its capabilities, including the option to select fine or coarse cuts for particular shredded particle sizes, using its straightforward touch screen to begin the process.

The Mobile Data Shredder (MDS) is available as a tabletop model or mounted to a cabinet on casters for mobility. The tabletop model has a 1-gallon drawer that can be easily removed when it’s full. The cabinet-mounted version has an infrared sensing technology that will alert the user via the display screen.

Built with hardened, carbon steel cutters along with its high torque slip-free drive, the unit delivers maximum power while still being able to run on an electrical outlet (110-125VAC/60Hz). Thermal sensors protect the unit's drive train from malfunction or damage. There are multiple safety interlocks and an emergency stop button to ensure operator safety at all times.

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