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04 Aug 2021


Wembley Partners Ltd Stand: 3/C50

The Solution - ORNA: A proprietary one-stop-shop cyber incident management platform that fully encapsulates every aspect of the SANS incident response process, including automatic report generation, accelerators, analytics, team and task management, KPI tracking, and much more

Custom Executive Dashboards - View the status of your current Incidents, related tasks, as well as breakdowns of Incidents by type and on an annual timeline. View and manage the latest tasks your Cyber Incident Response
Team is working on and have Key Performance Indicators, such as Mean Time To Detect and Average Incident Severity at your fingertips.

Seamless Incident Creation - Follow a straightforward, guided 6-step New Incident creationprocess. Detailed step-by-step guidance and a smart, AI-powered user experience allow you to identify, risk-score, and assign Incidents like a pro. We'll notify your team immediately too, so they can start on their tasks right away without wasting valuable time.

Incident Task Management - View key details, as well as the status of tasks across every stage of the SANS-aligned Incident Response process: Identification, Containment, Eradication, Recovery, and Lessons Learned. The Incident resolution process incorporates a smart progression engine, team load management, pre-generated tasks, intelligent assignments, and much more.

Detailed Pre-Generated Tasks - Once a new Incident is created, ORNA pre-generates and automatically assigns tasks developed by highly experienced
Digital Forensics, Risk Management, and Incident Response professionals.
Each task is highly detailed and is assigned to the team member most qualified to perform it, whether technical or business.

Smart Team Management - Adding new team members is easy. Simply select which roles are applicable, and ORNA will sort out the appropriate tasks and activities automatically - including for Incidents already in progress. Each team member's availability is tracked also, ensuring realistic workloads and fairly happy staff. Roles can be re-assigned at will; our AI engine will adapt in kind.

Technical & Business Roles - Speaking of team members, ORNA supports 9 well-defined roles across technical, legal, business, HR, third party, and
communications functions. We've worked with top professionals in each to create detailed Incident Response activities for each, enabling efficient Cyber Incident Response in a manner never seen before.

Asset Management - Actively targeted by malicious threat actors, critical assets, or Crown Jewels, are a key part of any Incident Response process.
Easily create, categorize, manage and risk-score your assets, view key statistics and KPIs across people, software, hardware, processes, data, and more.

Communications Templates - Use ORNA's pre-defined and intelligently populated editable communications templates to never again doubt what should and shouldn't be included in data breach notices, internal communications, press releases, notifications to third parties and regulators, and more.

Autogenerated Reports - Anyone who ever dealt with a Cyber Incident knows how time-consuming, frustrating and stressful Incident Report composition may get. ORNA lets your team focus on what's essential. Leave the Who, Where, What, Why, When, and How, as well as evidence collection to our interactive report creation process.

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