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NCSS 2023

30 APRIL - 2 MAY 2024

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National Cyber Security Show

12 Mar 2024

Migrate from DIY SD-WAN to Open Systems SASE Experience

Open Systems Stand: 5/N49

The Current State of DIY SD-WAN

Already in 2021, Gartner reported SD-WAN adoption of enterprise being at 45% and even predicted an increase to 70% by 2026. Organizations around the globe continue to invest in SD‑WAN to optimize their edge network connectivity, enhance user and app experience, enable increased operational efficiency, and save money.

According to EMA’s research report from April 2023, 66% of enterprises surveyed prefer procuring, implementing and consuming SD‑WAN solutions as a managed service. The reasons for this are mentioned in a study by IDC, namely: no difficulties related to hiring and retaining a skilled in-house workforce, keeping up with tech developments, and the ability to negotiate favorable terms with technology vendors. Meanwhile, Forbes stated that organizations which adopt a DIY approach to SD‑WAN are much more likely to struggle with SASE transition. In fact, 40% of consumers of managed SD‑WAN services prefer a managed service over DIY specifically because it enables better integration with other managed services, such as SASE security services.

Open Systems as your SASE Transformation Partner

Open Systems has been supporting companies for more than 20 years as a true SASE transformation partner. Not only with a comprehensive breadth of supported transformations – ranging from network to security – but also with a unique depth to their provision. We leverage our own infrastructure and SASE technology to craft our end‑to‑end managed services for an outstanding customer experience – the Open Systems SASE Experience.


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