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NCSS 2023

8 -10 APRIL 2025


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National Cyber Security Show

21 Feb 2023

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

LRQA Nettitude Ltd Stand: 5/N45

Identify vulnerabilities and blind spots

Every year, thousands of vulnerabilities are discovered, and organisations scramble to stay on top of them before a threat actor can cause major damage. Any head start Tenable can provide is extremely valuable.

Be compliant and efficient

Vulnerability scanning is often a pre-requisite to attain compliance with mainstream industry standards around data protection and process / payment management. It is also a repeatable, automated and efficient process.

Vulnerability prioritisation 

Vulnerabilities do not come along one at a time. Multiple issues will arise and require your attention, often stretching already limited resources, Tenable One can help by quickly identifying and prioritising your most significant and urgent threats. 

Patch management

Vulnerability scanning can enhance and evolve your existing patch management program.

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