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NCSS 2023

8 -10 APRIL 2025


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National Cyber Security Show

05 Mar 2024

Corporate Internet Investigation

North East Business Resilience Centre Stand: 5/N25

As part of our Internet Investigation Service, our ethical hackers use the same techniques and publicly available information as malicious hackers to provide you with a detailed report on how you are putting yourself at risk online. If you are interested in protecting yourself from dangerous online threats, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

What is the Purpose of Our Corporate Internet Investigation Service?

The objective of our Corporate Internet Investigation Service is to provide you with a comprehensive review of the information that you and your employees make publicly available online. What’s more, it also helps to highlight any harmful information that is being released by sources outside of your company. 

By doing so, we are able to demonstrate what information criminal hackers would use during their early preparation stages to put your organisation at risk. We also make it clear for you to see what “gates” you are leaving unlocked so that you know how to avoid doing so in the future. 

What are the Benefits of this Service?

At NEBRC, we go the extra mile to ensure we are following best practice throughout our Corporate Internet Investigation Service. In doing so, the following benefits are achieved: 

  • No use of intrusive measures or tools 
  • No social engineer techniques uses 
  • No unnecessary interactions with your organisation or employees 

If you are interested in a corporate internet investigation service that has your best interest in mind, be sure to get in touch today. 

What is Included in this Service?

Now that you know the benefits of our service, you may be interested to know what is included within it.

The key features of our corporate internet investigation service are: 

  • A detailed report of our internet investigations 
  • Citation of sources, links & associations used in the process 
  • A threat assessment based on initial brief 
  • An explanation of how the information gathered may be used in an attack or any perceived threats from an organisation
  • An easy to understand, Red Amber Green rated action plan so that you can implement this easily with your IT provider

This information will show you exactly how you are making yourself and your organisation vulnerable to hackers online as well as how you can reduce this risk in the future. To take the first step to protecting your organisation online, contact us today.

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