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NCSS 2023

8 -10 APRIL 2025


Exhibitor Products

National Cyber Security Show

17 Jan 2023

Compliance Plus

KnowBe4 Stand: 5/M30

Is your compliance training putting your organization at risk? We know that delivering effective compliance training has been a struggle for Risk, Compliance, and HR executives for years. Boring training is easily forgotten, unrelatable, and rarely completed.

Without sufficient training, employees may not understand security risks or violations of the law, and an inadequately trained workforce can quickly become a major liability. Once your employees learn how to identify these scenarios, they are more likely to report harassment, discrimination or failure to accommodate reasonable requests. Compliance Plus goes beyond simply checking the box, it’s also a catalyst for behavior change and minimizing risk.

Compliance Plus is “new-school” training that is fresh and educational with live-action video scenarios and interactive aids to help your users recognize and identify situations and issues that threaten the compliance landscape in your workplace. Our team consults with legal experts to provide the most current, relevant content covering statutory and regulatory changes in compliance topics while maintaining our high standards for quality and learner retention and engagement. Up until now, compliance training has had a reputation for being time-consuming to build, expensive to buy, and difficult to deliver effectively.

Compliance Plus makes it easy to provide concise, relevant, memorable training at a no-brainer price. Time for new-school compliance training: Meet Compliance Plus

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