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Cyber Security Solutions Theatre



SolarWinds Support for Private-Public Partnerships in Combatting Cyberthreats

09 Sep 2021
Cyber Security Solutions Theatre
  • The attacks against SolarWinds and numerous other companies in recent months have revealed malicious cyberactors increasingly look to take advantage of our digital dependencies.
  • We believe these events make clear that a successful defence against attacks by a determined, persistent, and sophisticated threat actor will require substantially enhanced levels of public-private collaboration.
  • Our top priority has been to work diligently to support our customers and to assist in securing the safety of their environments. We’ve looked to achieve this by collaborating with the NCSC and CISA government departments to understand what happened and by being transparent about what we have learned to help our customers, government departments, and industry partners to be safe.
  • As the developer of the software and services upon which our customers rely, we’re committed to being forward-leaning and clear on the steps we’re taking to help ensure the safety and security of our products. Through our Secure by Design initiative, SolarWinds has already taken significant steps to improve our own security protocols in line with several key inputs and initiatives.


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