NCSS 2023

25-27 APRIL 2023

Cyber Security Conference



Hacking v2.0 in the 21st century. Are we ready for security challenges of tomorrow?

09 Sep 2021
Cyber Security Conference

More and more information about us is aggregated in various online databases. Hundreds of systems track everything we do online and offline. It’s our web browsing habits, movies we watch, the streets we walk, people we meet and date, how we shop and how we sleep. Computers know our secrets, desires and fears. Information about our health is collected by wearables and implanted sensors.

What could happen if all this precious information about us is stolen or abused – by large corporations or organised cybercrime of the 21st century? What kind of implication could it bring to our personal and professional life?

Aleksander Gorkowienko, Senior Managing Consultant - Spirent Communications 

The Safety & Security Series